AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

If you are like us, you could not wait for football to return to the small screens again for another exciting season. One of the biggest reasons why we enjoy football so much is that it brings together friends and family to watch their favorite teams. Exciting matchups make it even more exciting, especially if your loved one is rooting for someone else. There is no bigger event than the Super Bowl and it will be here before you know it. If you are hosting a Super Bowl party in Arizona this year look no further than our lemonade stands to offer something delicious.

Fresh and Tasty Lemonade for Your Super Bowl Party in Arizona

AZ Lemonade Stand offers fresh lemonade for your Super Bowl party in Arizona that is made by hand every time. Our lemonade started off as a drink of choice for sister restaurants but quickly gained in popularity. Now you can get our thirst-quenching beverages with a lemonade stand at your Super Bowl party. This allows gets to order one of our tasty options in between the big plays at y our Super Bowl watch party in Arizona. Our selection of lemonade is not small either. We offer a variety of different flavors, each tastier than the last. The Original Lemonade is the classic flavor that you fell in love with. Our Prickly Pear uses real prickly pear fruit native to Arizona for a refreshing beverage. The Mango offers a tropical kick that is more than welcome. We offer up to 15 different flavors so make sure to find what flavors you would love to have at your party!

Mix It Up

Having a lemonade stand at your Super Bowl party is great for children and adults. The kids can enjoy the lemonade over ice and have plenty of refills throughout the party. The adults may want to add a little kick to their lemonade by adding their favorite spirit. Lemonade is the perfect mixer and allows you to create your own cocktail. Try out a classic beverage such as a London Lemonade or Vodka Lemonade. Our different flavors can let your imagination go wild perfect for an event such as the Super Bowl. You won’t find a better way to have plenty of drink options for children and adults at once!

Book Your Lemonade Stand Today

The Super Bowl is the perfect time to try out our lemonade stand for the first time. Make sure to contact our team today and get the specifics on how it can look like at your Super Bowl watch party in Arizona!

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