AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

There is nothing more exciting and special than bringing life into the world. A baby shower is a perfect event to highlight the mom-to-be and her soon-to-be-born child. Baby showers typically bring friends and family together to celebrate together. While having loved ones close by always makes for an exciting party, it can be made even more memorable by having one of our lemonade stands on hand. We are an Arizona catering company that takes pride in our lemonade, so get ready to see why it has continued to be a fan favorite in the state. Take a look at how it will make your baby shower the best it can be:

Fresh and Tasty Lemonade

It can be uncomfortable being pregnant in Arizona thanks to the never-ending heat. Lemonade is a refreshing beverage any time of year that will easily quench your thirst. At AZ Lemonade Stand, we understand that using fresh ingredients should always be a priority. You will find that each of our 15 different lemonade flavors use only natural ingredients and nothing artificial. Our flavors start with the Original Lemon which is the timeless recipe that mixes sour lemon with a touch of sweetness. The Strawberry adds tart fruit for even more flavor. The Watermelon is perfect for the summer heat. Mango adds a tropical twist that no one can resist. Prickly Pear is an Arizona staple that uses real cactus fruit for this unique flavor. Simply ask our Arizona catering company which flavors we currently offer whenever booking your lemonade stand.

Perfect Bar Stand

Lemonade is the perfect drink to feature at a baby shower, as it is practically for everyone. The mother-to-be and any children can enjoy the lemonade on its own. Enjoy it in our mason jars or pour it over ice. You can also use our lemonade stands as a mixer for your party guests. Lemonade is the perfect cocktail base that utilizes its sweet and sour flavors. Enjoy beverages such as a Basil Elderflower Gin Lemonade or make a London Lemonade. There is no wrong way to mix lemonade with your favorite spirit, so get creative!

Book Your Lemonade Stand Today

Having our lemonade stand at your baby shower is the perfect way to drum up the excitement even more for your guests. Contact our Arizona catering company today and see all the many ways our drinks can spice up any special event coming your way.

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