AZ Lemonade Stand


Original Lemonade

Peanut butter and jelly, work and play, sweatpants and Netflix: taken in the right balance, there’s nothing better! Like our Original Lemonade, for example. With the perfect combination of lemony sweetness and lip-puckering tart, take one sip, and you’ll instantly feel refreshed. Our locally sourced and handcrafted lemonades in Arizona are the perfect accompaniment for any occasion and the best lemonade Arizona has – whether you’re throwing a birthday party for the kids, hosting a baby shower, relaxing by the pool, or simply taking a break from work. You can find us in several Valley stores, including Fry’s Marketplaces, Luci’s Marketplace, Luci’s at the Grove, and Luci’s at the Orchard. You can even order our jars online! What are you waiting for? Grab a glass of the best lemonade Arizona has to offer, sit down, and indulge in what AZ Lemonade Stand was meant to do: make sweet, delicious lemonade.