AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

When it comes to finding the right catering service for your special event, you will often notice that the food is the focus on the menu. The drink selection at many catering companies is usually the bare minimum and will do little to spice up your meal. You can end up paying extra for drinks, or even having to provide them yourself.

If you are looking for the perfect drink selection for your next event in Chandler, look no further than AZ Lemonade Stand. Our delicious lemonade started at Aioli Burger and became so popular that we took the idea to its own separate business. Our lemonade has been a favorite for locals for years now. Here is why you need to book our services for your Chandler event:

Ice Cold Lemonade

We all know that the Arizona heat is nothing to scoff at. Each year, we always say, “Doesn’t it feel hotter than last year?” And now it really is! What with pandemics, climate change, drought, and wildfires, we need cool, refreshing drinks more than ever! And AZ Lemonade has the best lemonade around.

It’s a simple thing, really. Just a simple combination of lemon juice, water, and something to sweeten things up. But it’s getting that combination right, getting the ratio of sweet to counterbalance that tart lemon, and of adding the right sweetener to the right juice. Variations of lemonade have been around since the 13th and 14th century in Egypt, when lemons, dates, and honey were combined to make a refreshing drink. AZ Lemonade hasn’t been around that long, but we’ve perfected the art of making a sweet, tangy, refreshing lemonade.

Many Chandler events love to be outside for some sunshine but keeping your guests cool is always important, especially in our southwestern desert community. With our ice-cold lemonade, your guests will have something delicious to drink and help keep them cool. Why settle for anything less?

15 Different Flavors

Jump into the flavor town of our delicious and ice-cold lemonade available exclusively from AZ Lemonade Stand. When it comes to satisfying the guests of your Chandler event, we understand that no single flavor will meet everyone’s needs or fit with a particular cuisine or menu that you’re serving. Instead, we offer 15 different flavors for you to choose from, and there’s bound to be several delicious flavors that will work with your menu selection. And of course, if you’re wise enough to have booked a few Aioli food trucks for your celebration, our lemonade goes perfectly with those juicy burgers, loaded fries, and yummy aioli.

Of course, you can always go with the classic Original Lemonade, a traditional lemonade recipe known the world over, that perfectly balances the sweet and sour flavors. Additional favorites include Strawberry, with its mild tart and tangy flavors and bright pink color, and the Prickly Pear is a classic Arizona flavor that uses real cactus fruit. A taste of Watermelon will always hit the right spot, especially during the hot months of summer.

Each of our 15 flavors use fresh fruit and ingredients so you can enjoy fresh lemonade every time. Do not settle on canned soda or water for your next event in Chandler. We are also adding new flavors, so ask our team what new flavors will be available for your Chandler event!

And lemonade isn’t just for the kids’ tables either. While pretty much everyone (of any age) enjoys our lemonades, many of our flavors (like our Tropical Mango, Guava, and Blood Orange) are favorites among more sophisticated palates. And of course, our lemonades make a great base for sangria and other cocktails too! You can easily set up an adult beverage table with a variety of our lemonades, add your own liquor and set out various garnishes, and then let everyone make their own refreshing lemonade, lemonade spritzer, mojito and more. And don’t forget the kids’ table. Set out our colorful lemonades and add bowls of fruit garnishes that the kids can add to their drinks. These colorful lemonade tables will be the hit of your celebration! Looking for cocktail inspiration? Our website has tons of delicious cocktail recipes made with our yummy lemonades. And our lemonades not only taste great, but they are pretty too! Just arrange a variety of our lemonade flavors on a table in clear, sparkling glass pitchers, and let the vivid pinks, soft peaches and bright yellow colors add to your decorations.

Book Your Lemonade Stand Today

Finding the perfect beverage for your Chandler event is as easy as booking our catering services from AZ Lemonade Stand. Get ready for the incredible flavors of our delicious ice-cold lemonades that will make your event one to remember!

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