AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

When you are planning a child’s birthday party, you know that they are going to want to spend their time with friends running around outside. One thing that makes Arizona so special is our dry weather that lets everyone enjoy their time outdoors during most of the year. While the summer season can be especially hot, we have quite the treat to make your birthday party better than ever: lemonade! Book a lemonade birthday party for your next birthday celebration for a party like no other. Take a look at what you can expect below.

Fresh, Handmade Lemonade

Whenever you go to a restaurant, one of the drinks you can always expect to see on the menu for your kids is lemonade. Everyone knows that lemonade is the perfect beverage to beat the heat. It can quench your thirst while offering a sweet yet slightly sour taste that is always delicious. Skip out on any lemonade that is mass produced and filled with preservatives and instead choose our handmade lemonade. We use only natural ingredients for the perfect sip each time. This includes real fruit flavor and real sugar for the perfect drink. Now that is one great way to stay cool for your outdoor lemonade stand birthday party!

Various Flavors

Your kids will be thrilled when they see a real lemonade stand at their birthday party. What will make them even more excited is when they see there are multiple flavors  of different lemonade from which to choose. We make sure that your guests will be thrilled by choosing the perfect flavor. Keep things classic with the Original Lemon that offers the perfect mixture of sweet and sour. Add some additional fruity flavors with our Strawberry, Watermelon, or Prickly Pear lemonades. As mentioned, our lemonade uses real fruit flavor instead of the fake stuff. Our team is also preparing a variety of additional flavors that will be ready for you shortly. Your kids will have the most fun at their birthday when our delicious lemonades are handed out from our lemonade stand.

Book a lemonade birthday party Today

As you can see, having our lemonade stand at a birthday party will make all of the difference. Keep things cool with our handmade lemonades and let the kids have the best time ever. All you have to do is contact our catering team and see how the fun can really begin at birthdays, Thanksgiving, or even Friendsgiving.

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