AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

There are countless sporting events taking place throughout the year, allowing you to have the perfect excuse to get together with friends. Whenever you are catching the next sporting event at your place, you need the perfect beverage to go with it. That is where our delicious lemonade drinks comes in hand for a thirst-quenching experience. Take a look at how one of our lemonade parties can make the most of your sporting event viewing with lemonade catering:

Hand Crafted Lemonade Drinks

It should come as no surprise that anything made by hand will always taste better, especially when fresh ingredients are used. Our lemonades for parties are always made by hand using real fruit flavors and real sugar. Each lemonade offers a sweet yet tangy sip every time. Skip out on the artificial ingredients and preservatives and instead choose something natural such as our lemonade.

Tons of Fruit Flavor

At AZ Lemonade Stand, we know that having plenty of choices is always important. We offer plenty of delicious lemonade flavors, each just as tasty as the last. You cannot go wrong with the Original Lemon that offers the perfect mix of sweetness and sour lemon. The Strawberry is sweet and tangy with a slight tart flavor. Here in Arizona, we have plenty of cactus fruit to choose from that makes the Prickly Pear so good. Watermelon is sure to quench anyone’s thirst. Our team is always creating new flavors that continue to be added to our wonderful menu.

Create the Perfect Cocktail

While our lemonade can be enjoyed all on its own, it is just as great when mixed into the perfect cocktail. Add our lemonade to classic spirits such as vodka or gin for a delicious adult beverage. The extremely tasty London Lemonade is exceptionally easy to make; all you need to do it mix our fresh lemonade with gin. Try out one of the fruit flavors for an even more delightful experience. A Lavender Lemonade Martini is great by mixing vodka and lavender flavor with our delicious lemonade. There is no wrong way to make a cocktail with our lemonades for parties!

Book Today for Your Next Sporting Event Party

There is probably another sporting event taking place next week, so get to booking our incredible lemonade stand service! Our team will be able to make sure your party is the best yet with our handcrafted lemonade. Sporting events have never tasted quite as good!

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