AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

Each year we celebrate the veterans in our family with the Veterans Day holiday. Our country would not be where it is now without them, so make sure they can feel the love with an incredible party. Having everyone on hand is the start to throwing a Veterans Day party. What you also need is a lemonade stand to help quench everyone’s thirst with a classic beverage that your veteran will enjoy. Take a look at how our AZ lemonade stands can make your Arizona Veterans Day party the best it can be:

Timeless Beverage for Your Veteran

When it comes to throwing a Veterans Day party you probably want to stick away from all of the newest trends on social media and instead focus on something timeless that your veteran will enjoy. Lemonade is one such beverage to have on hand, as everyone knows what it is, and you will not find someone who does not like it. Our lemonade stand will serve our fresh and handmade lemonade that uses only simple ingredients. There are no hidden chemicals here instead just pure ingredients for this classic beverage. We offer a variety of flavors such as our Original Lemonade that is the original recipe itself. Our Prickly Pear is the perfect Arizona drink that uses native prickly pear cactus in each glass. Other flavors also include our Mango and Strawberry. You can find up to 15 different flavors when you place your lemonade stand order with us.

Create the Perfect Drink Next Arizona Veteran’s Day

A drink as timeless as lemonade is easy to use in a variety of ways at a party. Any children in attendance will be able to enjoy it on its own. Simply pour ice and let them experience this classic drink. Adults may wish to spice up their lemonade with a favorite spirit or two. You can create the perfect cocktail by simply adding vodka or bourbon to lemonade. Additional beverage options that use more ingredients include the London Lemonade and Lavender Lemonade Martini. Simply let your imagination do its work and see what kind of creative drinks you can come up with for your Veterans Day.

Book Your AZ Lemonade Stand Today

Make sure the veteran in your family feels the love by reserving one of our lemonade stands in time for your Veterans Day party. Fresh AZ lemonade is always guaranteed to be a hit for everyone.

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