AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

When it comes to Jewish celebrations, there is none more well-known than a bar mitzvah. This special event takes place when a boy turns 13. A huge celebration filled in friends, family, and loved ones takes place. If you are looking for ways to make your upcoming bar mitzvah as memorable as possible, we have the solution for you. Our lemonade stand at your Bar Mitzvah can provide a great drink option that everyone is sure to love. Let us add a little excitement and a lemonade stand at your Bar Mitzvah. Here is how that is done:

Lemonade Stand at Your Bar Mitzvah

We back up our claims that AZ Lemonade Stand offers the best tasting lemonade in Phoenix. Once you have tasted it for yourself you will immediately see the difference. Our lemonade started off as a drink option for our sister restaurants. Once the popularity of it skyrocketed, we knew we had to offer it on its own to get it to the people. We use only real ingredients for our lemonade. Our goal is to remind you of your youth when you were rewarded with a cold glass of freshly made lemonade. Our team also provides a variety of flavors for you to choose from. The Original Lemon is the classic recipe that you originally fell in love with. Our Prickly Pear uses real cactus fruit that is a staple for the Phoenix community. Mango is a tropical twist on an otherwise classic recipe. Watermelon is the perfect summer beverage to help quench your thirst. We offer up to 15 different flavors to choose from so just let our team know which ones you want!

Ways to Enjoy Your Lemonade

For a bar mitzvah you want to make sure you have a beverage option the children can have. Lemonade does the trick as it can be simply enjoyed over ice. The adults can also enjoy it too by mixing it with their favorite spirit. Get creative by making your own cocktail during the event. Or try one of the recipes we have listed for classic drinks such as London Lemonade. You will find our lemonade to be quite versatile.

Schedule Your Bar Mitzvah Catering Today

There is no wrong way to enjoy our lemonade stand at your next bar mitzvah. Contact our team today and see how you can get started with our Bar Mitzvah catering. It will be a bar mitzvah that will be remembered.

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