AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

In the Hispanic community, there is nothing more important to a young girl’s heart than the day she turns 15 years of age. Quinceañeras are a celebrated event that highlights when a young girl turns 15, getting her ready for adulthood. These events are typically huge parties that involve friends and family for a variety of activities, including dances and more. You can help make your upcoming quinceañera even more memorable by having one of our mobile beverage catering lemonade stands be set up. AZ Lemonade Stand is known for our fresh and delicious lemonades. Take a look at how your quinceañera can use a lemonade stand at the party:

Fresh Tasting Lemonade

Lemonade is a timeless beverage that has been around for generations. The combination of sour lemons and sweet sugar simply cannot be beat. At AZ Lemonade Stand, we ensure our lemonade is always fresh and never uses any artificial ingredients. Each of our flavors uses only real fruit and can be tasted in every sip. We offer a total of 15 different lemonade flavors for you to choose from for your quinceañera. The Original Lemon is the classic flavor you have come to love since being a child. Additional fruity flavors also include our Mango that offers a tropical twist to the classic recipe. Our Prickly Pear uses real cactus fruit for an Arizona-themed beverage. The Watermelon will quench your thirst every time. The Strawberry adds a little tart fruitiness that will be a joy to your taste buds. Simply ask our team when booking your lemonade stand what flavors we currently offer.

Lemonade for Everyone

Lemonade is a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Our lemonade stand will serve up whatever flavor you are looking for. You can also use our mobile beverage catering to create delicious cocktails for the adults. Combine our lemonade with spirits such as tequila or gin for a memorable beverage. Classic cocktails such as a London Lemonade can easily be whipped up by having the right ingredients on hand.

Book Today for Your Lemonade Stand

There is no better way to plan for an upcoming quinceañera than having one of our mobile beverage catering lemonade stands. We can provide our lemonade stands to any special event. Contact our team today and get ready for our refreshing beverages!

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