AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

Weddings typically involve a variety of events to prepare for the big day, including a rehearsal dinner. When planning for your rehearsal party, make it as fun as can be. This can be accomplished by having one of our lemonade stands on hand to help provide some delicious drinks with our different flavored lemonade. Take a look at what they can look like at your rehearsal party:

Fresh and different flavored Lemonade

AZ Lemonade Stand is known for our delicious and fresh tasting lemonade. Each of our tasty drinks is made fresh and only uses natural ingredients. You will not find any artificial flavors in any of our lemonades. Having a lemonade stand at your rehearsal party will also let you have any flavor you want. We offer 15 different options, each as tasty as the last. Start with our Original Lemon, which is the classic lemonade recipe that mixes sweet and sour to perfection. We also offer fruity options too such as our Mango that provides a little tropical kick. The Prickly Pear is the perfect Arizona beverage that uses real cactus fruit. Our Watermelon will quench anyone’s thirst even in the Arizona heat. Ask our team about our different flavored lemonade options that are currently available whenever you book our lemonade stand.

The Perfect Bar

Lemonade is the perfect beverage for a rehearsal party, as it can be provided to both children and adults. The kids can have the lemonade as is, while the adults can use it for a cocktail. Lemonade is the perfect cocktail base and is included in many famous drinks. Cocktails such as the London Lemonade and Basil Elderflower Gin Lemonade are absolutely refreshing and don’t take long to make. Our lemonade stand can be the perfect bar set up for your rehearsal party. Who said practicing for a wedding had to be boring?

Book Your Lemonade Stand Today

There is no wrong way to celebrate a rehearsal party, but as you can see, the most fun is had when our lemonade stand is on hand. Get ready for your big day with this special event and let AZ Lemonade Stand help make it even more exciting. Contact our team today and see what our lemonade stands can do for any special event. Lemonade has never tasted so good!

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