AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

One of the most celebrated events will always be a wedding. There is nothing more incredible than seeing two lovers finally decide to tie the knot, agreeing to spend their lives together. Any wedding calls for a time to celebrate such as a party. Having friends and family nearby will be great, but you can make the event the best it can be by having one of our lemonade stands on hand. AZ Lemonade Stand has become the top lemonade purveyor here in the Phoenix Valley due to our delicious beverages and diverse lemonade catering menu. Take a look at why our lemonade stand will make for the perfect addition to your wedding party:

Natural and Delicious Lemonades

We understand the importance of having an ice-cold and refreshing beverage to get us through the Arizona heat. At AZ Lemonade Stand we offer a variety of delicious lemonades that only use natural ingredients. Each lemonade is just as incredible as the last. Start with our Original Lemon that is the classic lemonade beverage you have known since childhood. We also offer plenty of fruity flavors too. The Watermelon is a refreshing beverage that uses real fruit flavor. Our mango gives you a tropical twist to the classic lemonade recipe. Our Prickly Pear is an Arizona staple that uses real cactus fruit. Strawberry is always a classic flavor and can be your new favorite. Our lemonade catering menu has 15 different flavors for your lemonade stand!

Make a Cocktail

By having our lemonade at your wedding party, you can have lemonade for everyone from kids to the adults. Having a lemonade stand on hand for your wedding can do more than just serve up tasty lemonade too. This beverage can be the perfect ingredient for a delicious cocktail. There are a variety of lemonade cocktails in the world including favorites such as a London Lemonade and Basil Elderflower Gin Lemonade. Each cocktail is just as delicious as the last and can be mixed right at your lemonade stand. Our lemonade stand will be the perfect bar space that you never knew you needed at your wedding party!

Book a Lemonade Stand Today

As you can see, our lemonade catering menu is the perfect addition for any wedding party. Let our delicious lemonade quench everyone’s thirsts and make for the perfect cocktail base. Simply contact our team today and schedule your upcoming lemonade stand today.

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