AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

When it comes to a special celebration, there is nothing more incredible than seeing a couple decide to tie the knot. Engagement parties are the perfect way to announce and celebrate those who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Make your engagement party even more memorable when you book our incredible lemonade services. At AZ Lemonade Stand, we have been perfecting the art of delicious lemonade, and it can be available at your engagement party through our Arizona catering.

Various Lemonades to Choose From

One of the best things about lemonade is that it can include a variety of flavors, each as delicious as the last. We make sure to offer some of the best flavors in each of our 15 different lemonade varieties. It all starts with the Original Lemon, the classic lemonade flavor that you have loved since your childhood. This classic recipe has the perfect ratio of sour lemon and a touch of sweetness. The Strawberry offers a mild tart flavor that goes perfectly with the lemon and sweetness. It wouldn’t be Arizona without the Prickly Pear that uses delicious cactus fruit. The Watermelon will quench your thirst and then some. Our flavors continue to roll out, so make sure to ask which ones we have available!

Make the Perfect Cocktail

The best part of having lemonade at your engagement party is that it is a drink perfect for children and adults alike. Children get to have it served in our classic mason jars and enjoy every sip. Adults on the other hand might be looking to spice up their lemonade for a tasty cocktail. Good news is that lemonade makes for the perfect cocktail base! Try out classic beverages such as a Kiwi Lemonade Spritzer or go with the Basil Elderflower Gin Lemonade. Most spirits can be easily used in our lemonade for a classic cocktail or creation of your choice. Having AZ Lemonade Stand at your engagement party will make for the perfect bar situation as you celebrate!


Make your engagement party the best it can be by having AZ Lemonade Stand Arizona catering on hand. Our lemonade makes for the perfect beverage at any special event, including holidays, birthday parties, family reunions, and so much more. Come see why our lemonade has become such a huge hit here in the Phoenix Valley. Lemonade has never tasted so good!

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