AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

For your upcoming anniversary, make sure you celebrate with loved ones with a thrilling get together to showcase your love. One great way to make your party unforgettable is by having one of lemonade stand for anniversaries in Phoenix on hand. Our lemonade stands offer delicious beverages and bring the fun up to a whole new level. Take a look at our lemonade stand for anniversaries in Phoenix!

Delicious and Fresh Lemonade

You cannot find a more classic beverage than lemonade. Seriously, lemonade has been around for countless generations, and it continues to be a staple for any drink menu. AZ Lemonade Stand understands that lemonade should always be served fresh, and with real ingredients. Our lemonade has become a customer favorite at our sister restaurants and is now available for lemonade stands at private events. We offer a total of up to 15 different lemonade flavors for you to choose from. Try out the Original Lemon that is the timeless flavor you remember growing up with. Our Watermelon lemonade adds that thirst quenching flavor that you love about the fruit. Prickly Pear is an Arizona staple that uses real cactus fruit in each batch. Mango gives our lemonade that tropical twist that will remind you of the beach. Each of these flavors and more can be available at your anniversary party; just let our team know what flavor you are feeling! 

Straight Up or Mixed 

Guests at your anniversary can enjoy our lemonade by itself which is the perfect option for children. Simply pour over ice and you have the beverage that will keep you cool all day long. Our lemonade is also great when used as a mixer for tasty cocktails. Simply add in your favorite spirit for an easy to make drink. You can also make classic cocktails such as a London Lemonade. We dare you to get creative and find the perfect mixture of our lemonade and other ingredients for a tasty beverage. 

Lemonade Anniversary Catering in Phoenix on the Ready 

Our team is ready to help you host your upcoming anniversary party here in the Phoenix Valley. Contact us today and see what a lemonade anniversary catering in Phoenix at your party can look like. We have plenty of options to make sure you and your guests are happy! 

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