AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

Around the holiday season, most people will often think of eggnog or hot chocolate when finding a tasty beverage to enjoy. The holidays are a great time to treat yourself to something special, especially when you are hosting or visiting a Christmas celebration. Instead of the classic Christmas party drinks, have one of our lemonade stands on hand to serve up drinks. Our tasty lemonade is sure to be a guest favorite upon the first sip. Take a look at how our lemonade stand for Christmas can make the most of your holiday celebration: 

Christmas Party Drinks

Our lemonade has become a staple around the Phoenix community after being sold at our sister food truck companies. Now we are offering this tasty beverage on its own with a lemonade stand you can reserve. Each of our lemonade beverages are made fresh and with real ingredients. You will not find any preservatives or chemicals in this incredibly tasting drink. Arizona is known for warm weather, even during the winter season. Sometimes we do not want a hot beverage like hot chocolate or mulled wine to warm us up. Sometimes, an ice-cold beverage like lemonade is needed to quench your thirst. We offer a variety of lemonade flavors too including our Original Lemonade that is a classic recipe. Our additional fruit flavors include Mango, Strawberry, and Prickly Pear too. Our lemonade stand can serve up any flavor you pick out with 15 flavors being available at this time. See why our lemonade has become such as hit at your next Christmas event.  

Create a Lemonade Cocktail 

As mentioned, eggnog and mulled wine are typical beverages of choice for adults around Christmas. Instead of sticking to tradition try something new with our lemonade as the mixer. Lemonade can easily be combined with a variety of spirits including bourbon, gin, and vodka for a tasty treat. Classic cocktails such as London Lemonades and Lavender Lemonade Martini have been classic cocktails for ages. Our lemonade stand can help making a cocktail easily whenever you provide this liquor. Christmas is always more fun when you have a tasty drink in hand to celebrate with. 

Get Ready for Christmas This Year 

Christmas will be here before you know it so make sure to book our lemonade stand today. Contact our team and see how your celebration will be even more special with a lemonade stand on hand. 

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