AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

Spring is finally here, so join us in celebrating warmer weather and reasons to host a party. There is no better way to host a special event this spring than by having one of our lemonade stands on hand. You will be able to serve ice cold Spring party drinks to you and your guests making sure everyone has a great time. Take a look at how a lemonade stand at your spring event can look like: 

Lemonade Stand for Spring Events

Everyone remembers lemonade stands from their youth. Setting up a few pieces of plywood and hanging a sign that said ‘Fresh Lemonade’ was all it took to get the neighborhood’s attention. Lemonade stands were a great way to mix up some tasty lemonade and make a quarter or two from it. Our lemonade sticks with that timeless tradition of mixing fresh squeezed lemons, ice cold water, and sugar for a beautiful concoction. One of our team members will be present pouring this delicious beverage for your guests as you get to enjoy the party. Talk about a win-win strategy right there! 

Delicious Flavors Perfect for Spring 

Spring is a great time to enjoy some sunshine and chill off with some delicious lemonade. Luckily for you, our selection of lemonade includes 15 different flavors to choose from. You can always stick with the Original Lemonade for an unbeatable flavor profile. Or try out some of our fruity flavors that use fresh produce that is always the best in the spring. This can include flavors such as our Prickly Pear that uses real cactus fruit. The strawberry adds a little tangy flavor to the classic lemonade. Mango will have you dreaming of the nearest beach. Regardless of what flavor you pick, you will find your spring event to be even more enjoyable as you sip on your lemonade.  

Make It a Cocktail  

You can always “spice” up your lemonade just in time for spring by using it as the base for a tasty cocktail. Simply add your favorite spirit such as gin or vodka for a tasty adult beverage. Take a look at our cocktail recipes that will help you find the perfect one for you! 

AZ Lemonade Stand Is Here for Spring 

The best way to enjoy these spring lemonades is by booking our lemonade stand for a private event. Let our team supply delicious lemonade for you and your guests! 

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