AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

Each year, the residents of Gilbert put on some of the best special events, whether it is at a friend’s house or you are celebrating a special event at a venue in town. Gilbert knows how to get down and show the Phoenix Valley how to celebrate the right way. However, no matter how hard local catering companies will try to provide delicious drinks to these special events, they always let the host down. No one wants a simple menu of soda and water to be provided at their event. Instead, hire one of the best lemonade stands from AZ Lemonade Stand to provide your Gilbert event with delicious and ice-cold lemonade. You won’t regret it!

Cool Off from the AZ Heat

Never question the incredible benefits that drinking an ice-cold lemonade can have for you. Like the rest of the Phoenix area, Gilbert sees the high temperatures during the summer. Provide the guests of your special event with the ice-cold lemonade we offer. This beverage is perfect for outdoor events where the desire of enjoying a cold beverage knows no bounds. Grab a cup of your favorite flavor and say goodbye to the hot temps!

Here’s a fun fact – there’s actually a scientific reason why lemonade is so refreshing when we’re feeling the heat. It’s sort of gross, but the acid in lemonade stimulates our salivation. And evidently, the more we salivate, the more refreshed and hydrated we feel. Lemonade is loaded with vitamin C too, which is also good for keeping the body cool and has detox abilities too. So, by providing your guests with a variety of sparkling, pretty pitchers of our lemonade, you’re actually taking care of them too! You’re cooling them down of course, but you’re also loading up their bodies with all the benefits of vitamin C. So, show your guests how much you care about them, and let AZ Lemonade Stand provide refreshing lemonade for your next celebration!

15 Flavors of Lemonade

Whenever you go to a special event, you do not want to only have one or two options to pick from for your drink. But no matter on how many events you go to that is typically what you find. Do not be that event organizer and instead pick AZ Lemonade Stand for a variety of flavors of refreshingly delicious lemonades. There are 15 to be exact, with more flavors always on the way.

Let your guests keep it classic with the Original Lemonade, a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors that has refreshed people the world over for hundreds of years and is still doing so. Our Strawberry is another classic that melds tangy and tart flavors for a beautiful bright pink mix that is as tasty as it is pretty. Watermelon is always a favorite summer treat and our watermelon lemonade will always hit the spot for your thirsty guests. Or try our groovy tropical mango, guava and pineapple flavored lemonades, or our interesting take on horchata. Ask our team which flavors we will have available for your Gilbert event!

You don’t have to stop with just serving our lemonade either. While they make a delicious, refreshing drink on their own, our lemonades also make a great base and mixer for your favorite cocktails. Use our prickly pear lemonade for a truly wonderful prickly pear margarita or mojito, or our mango lemonade for pina colada mango lemonade. And several of our lemonades make a great start for a pretty sangria, with plenty of fresh fruit as a garnish. Try our original lemonade or our strawberry lemonade, or experiment with your own flavor combinations! Set up a lemonade drinks table with giant tubs of our lemonade on ice for casual events or pour our pretty lemonade into sparkling glass pitchers filled with ice and garnished with fresh fruit. Add a few bottles of liquor, bowls of ice, and plenty of garnishes, and you’ll be set. No boring drinks table at your party!

AZ Lemonade Stand Is Waiting

Book one of the best lemonade stands today with AZ Lemonade Stand and let your event be the best it can be. Our team is ready to make your Gilbert event one to remember as your guests sip on delicious and ice-cold lemonade. Book today and see what all the fuss is about!

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