AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

The Phoenix Valley is huge, and there are thousands of special events that take place here each year. Mesa is one particular city in the Phoenix area that knows how to throw a special event the right way. Just take a look at the many venue halls and residences that are used each year for a memorable time. What will make your special event in Mesa AZ even more fantastic; could it be as easy as having our ice-cold lemonade on hand? Many catering companies only focus on the food and not the beverages, and a drink table with a poor drink selection to choose from or even running out of drinks will mean disaster for your event. Your guests will remember your special event for years to come, but not in a good way! We can offer a truly unique drink selection that no one else can match. Take a look at why you should book one of our lemonade stands for your Mesa event:

Ice-Cold Lemonade

Everyone who lives in the Phoenix Valley knows that the temperatures here will always be warm, no matter what time of year it is. And with the area’s ongoing severe drought, global warming, out of control fires and everything else that’s going on, it looks like it just going to get warmer, and that the planet’s not going to be cooling off anytime soon. But, while we don’t have the answer for global warming, (and we really wish we did) we do have the solution for at least feeling cooler – lemonade! There’s a real, scientific fact behind lemonade’s cooling powers: citric acid. The citric acid in lemonade (or other citrus drinks) stimulates salivation, and gives your body the impression of being hydrated, which makes your body feel cooler. Plus, there’s the added benefit of vitamin C too!

Outdoor events can struggle if you and your guests do not have a way to cool off. And they can do exactly that by enjoying one of our thirst-quenching, revitalizing ice-cold lemonades. Our beverages are served ice-cold so you and your guests can take a sip and say, “Ahhh!” all throughout the event. Do not settle for a poor imitation and instead try out our refreshing lemonade! There is a reason people have been cooling down with lemonade for centuries!

Choose from Various Flavors

While our Original Lemonade is delicious enough to be the only flavor we offer, we understand that everyone needs and likes to have options, and that not everyone likes the same things either. And that’s why we have 15 different lemonade options for you to choose from to be exact. The OG (our Original Lemonade recipe and still our most popular) is the perfect combination of sour and sweet flavors, all in a bright, refreshing beverage. You can’t go wrong with this traditional flavor. Everyone remembers this refreshing drink from their childhood summers and will want to have a glass.

We also offer tasty options such as our bright pink Strawberry Lemonade which adds a tanginess to each refreshing sip. Our Prickly Pear Lemonade is an Arizona favorite that uses real cactus fruit for each cup. It’s refreshing just to look at with its cool, soft peach color. Cool off this summer season with our Watermelon Lemonade that hits the spot every time. These are just a few options you can select. Ask our team when booking your service what flavors will be available for your special Mesa event. We’re adding new flavors like pineapple, guava, and mango all the time. And you should give our take on Horchata Lemonade a try!

And don’t think of our lemonades as just a refreshing, stand-alone beverage either, although they can be. Our tasty lemonades make a great base or mixer for your favorite cocktails too! Serve up a killer prickly pear mojito or margarita that will have everyone begging for more. Or put together a pretty, big bowl of sangria using our Original or Strawberry lemonades. It’s a breeze to set up a pretty, self-serve drink table with all of our lemonade flavors, the liquors of your choice, lots of bowls of fresh fruit and other garnishes, and let your guests make their own refreshing and colorful party drinks. Your guests will appreciate all the delicious choices and refreshing options.

AZ Lemonade Stand Is Here

The citizens of Mesa can rejoice as AZ Lemonade Stand is officially ready to cater your next event in the city. What started off as a customer favorite drink selection at our Aioli Burger restaurants has now branched off into its own thing. You can see what all the fuss is about when you reserve a lemonade stand for your event!

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