AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

Have you ever been excited to attend a special event where you can try out delicious foods and drinks, but arrive and find mouthwatering food, but only mediocre beverages? We have all been there, so make sure you do not create this exact disappointing situation when hosting your next event in Payson. You can have your event stand apart from all of the rest by having our team host a lemonade stand. This is a great way to add some excitement to your event while offering delicious refreshing drinks that will quench any thirst. Take a look at what the best lemonade stand ever can do for your Payson event:

Sip on Ice Cold Lemonade

Lemonade takes us back to our childhood; after we ran around for hours during summer break, we always knew a glass of ice-cold lemonade was waiting for us back home. The refreshing flavor of lemonade is a great way to perk back up and cool off. Let your guests enjoy that same feeling by having our lemonade stand on hand. This is a great way for outdoor events to still be enjoyable during the warmer months of the year.

It’s always been scorching hot in this part of the country, and it is just getting more so every year. And what’s with all these fires? Now we’re feeling the heat and breathing in soot and who knows what with every sizzling breath. But luckily, we know the solution for soothing and cooling those dry parched mouths and minds – lemonade! Throughout history lemonade, in one form or another, has been restoring people the world over. This simple recipe of lemon juice, water, and a sweetener has an amazing revitalizing power. It turns out that sour tastes and citric acid (found in lemon juice) stimulates saliva, which in turn makes us feel hydrated. And it tastes good too! So, go ahead and have your event outside in the glorious desert heat, because we’ve got just the thing to you and your guests feeling cool and refreshed.

More Flavors to Enjoy

Do not let your guests have only one choice for the beverage option at your special event. There’s nothing worse than waiting in line at the drink table only to find one choice to drink. Remember, not everyone likes the same thing! You’d be better off telling everyone to just bring their own beverages instead of putting out a drink table with one or two measly offerings. Instead, order several of our different lemonade flavors to be at the best lemonade stand ever.

The Original Lemonade started it all off at our Aioli Burger restaurants and has since allowed AZ Lemonade Stand to become its own brand. Our popular Original Lemonade was just one of the drink options on the regular menu, when we realized customers were coming in just for the lemonade. Naturally, we had to give our customers what they wanted, and so here we are. Our Original Lemonade is still our most popular flavor, and you can’t go wrong with it at your next event’s drink table.

But, as we mentioned before, not everyone likes the same thing. Plus, people really do love to have choices! So, add a few of our other popular flavored lemonades to your drink table. They’re refreshing, tasty and they’ll spruce up your table with their sparkling, bright colors.

Try out the Strawberry for a little fruity kick to the OG recipe that everyone loves so much. The Watermelon is another great fruity option that is refreshing in the summertime. Our Prickly Pear is always a welcome sight for native Arizonans that uses real cactus fruit in each batch.

We offer a total of 15 different flavor options for our lemonade, so the choice is yours! Why not get all of our available flavors and have a lemonade tasting at your event? It will give everyone a chance to try them all! Plus, our lemonades are great mixers for cocktails too. Set out a few of our tasty lemonade flavors on your bar set up and watch your guests have fun making new flavor combinations for their favorite cocktails. Don’t forget to set out plenty of bowls filled with colorful fresh fruit and other garnishes! A few pieces of fresh fruit added to a cocktail or straight up lemonade will turn that drink into something special.

Book the Best Lemonade Stand Ever

Get ready for a special event like no other when you have our delicious lemonade in hand. Our lemonade stands are a great way to spice up the conversation and cool off with a refreshing beverage. Simply contact our team today to go over specifics and to see which flavors are available for your selected date. AZ Lemonade Stand takes event drinks up to the next level so everyone can have the greatest time.

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