AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

If you are planning a special event here in Phoenix, you may be looking for the right ingredient to cool everything off and make it the best it can be. Help make your special event one to remember by booking a lemonade stand from AZ Lemonade Stand. Our catering services are absolutely unique, as we focus on ice-cold and delicious lemonade. Your guests will be extremely happy coming away from dancing up a storm or just making conversation with their thirst quenched. Take a look at what our lemonade stand service can do for your Phoenix event:

Cool Things Off

If you live in Phoenix, you know that the temperatures are high during most months of the year. This can make planning outdoor events tricky if you do not have a way to help your guests beat the heat. You can help keep things chill by having our ice-cold lemonade on hand.

It’s pretty well-known that for some reason, lemonade does help you feel cooler and refreshed. You may not realize that there’s actually a scientific fact behind it. It’s the sour taste and the citric acid that does it by activating your saliva glands. And more saliva means your body feels more hydrated. Throughout history, people have been using lemonade and other various sour flavors for all sorts of reasons, not just feeling refreshed. Lemonade is healthy too. While there may be a lot of sugar added sometimes, there’s still vitamin C and all those antioxidants in the lemon juice that are good for you. Years ago, as the settlers moved west, they didn’t have access to lemons, so they used to cool off with sour vinegar water. Yikes! Luckily, we have a better option to offer – icy-cold lemonade!

More Flavors to Choose From

Many catering companies do offer drinks in their selection of services, but they are hardly worth mentioning. Sometimes they seem more of an afterthought than anything else. Instead, they provide simple items such as bottled water or canned soda. Boring! Uninspired! It just takes one badly planned aspect of an event to turn the whole thing into a disaster. Don’t let this happen to you! There’s a simple solution: go for something unique – AZ Lemonade Stand! It’s super easy to set up a festive, colorful drink table brimming with our refreshing lemonades. Their dazzling pinks, luminous yellows and soft peach colors will brighten up the table as well as giving your guests plenty of drink options. For casual Phoenix events, put out big containers filled with ice and our jarred lemonade. Or pour several of our delicious lemonades into pretty glass pitchers with ice and colorful fruit garnishes. It will look as refreshing as it tastes.

And not only are our lemonades delicious on their own, but they also make the perfect mixer for cocktails. Just add a few liquors and bowls of fresh fruit and other garnishes to your self-serve drink table (that’s already set up with all of our lemonade flavors), and let your guests mix their own refreshing and colorful party drinks. Your guests will appreciate all the delicious refreshing choices at hand, and they’ll be making amazing prickly pear mojitos and margaritas and flavored spritzers in no time. If there are going to be kids attending your event, just duplicate the adult drink table, minus the liquor. The kids can have fun garnishing their lemonades with colorful fresh fruit, or maybe have a lemonade tasting party.

Make sure your guests enjoy their drink with one of our tasty lemonades. We offer a total of 15 different lemonades on the menu for you to pick from. You can always go with the Original Lemonade, a classic combination of sour and sweet flavors in every sip. Try our Strawberry, another classic flavor that infuses a tangy flavor with the OG recipe. Our Watermelon is the perfect summer treat that is sure to cool you off. Prickly Pear is the perfect Arizona beverage that uses real cactus fruit. Many more flavors continue to be added, like our tropical mango, guava, and pineapple. So simply ask our team what flavors we have at the time of your event!

Cool Off with AZ Lemonade Stand

Our cold and refreshing lemonade beverages are here to stay and ready to help cater your next event in Phoenix, AZ. Reach out to schedule our lemonade stand, where your guests can order one of our flavors on the spot. This allows your event to be more exciting than ever while having something to drink. Book AZ Lemonade Stand today and try it for yourself!

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