AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

It comes as no surprise that the residents of Scottsdale know how to put on some of the finest special events in the entire Phoenix metro area. Just take a look at the lively neighborhoods and venues and you will notice that everyone is having a blast. What can put a damper on any special event is not having a great selection of beverages. No one wants to sip on room temperature tap water. For your next Scottsdale event, book lemonade catering with AZ Lemonade Stand and see how the fun is really turned up to the next level.

Chill Out with Lemonade

Scottsdale features plenty of outdoor venues and homes that are used for special events every day. Arizona can be hot, especially during the summer, so your guests will need something to help them cool off. That is where our ice-cold lemonade comes in to keep you nice and cool. Don’t let your special event serve room temperature water or any other boring beverage; instead, let our delicious and refreshing lemonade do the trick!

Tons of Flavors

Having more than one option for drinks is a necessity especially when all guests have different flavor palettes. One thing everyone can agree on is that lemonade is absolutely delicious. Our lemonade stands can serve any of our 15 different flavors. You can start with the Original Lemonade that started it all at Aioli Burger. This classic beverage is the perfect combination of sweet and sour with neither side overdoing the other. Our Strawberry is another classic that offers a tangy fruit flavor to the OG recipe. Try our Watermelon that is a refreshing treat especially during the summer months. Prickly Pear is a flavor that many Arizona residents have probably tried in other drinks at some point in their life. This lemonade uses real cactus fruit for its flavor. We always work on new flavors so make sure to ask our team when you place your lemonade stand order to see what is currently available.

Lemonade Catering for Your Event

Adults and children alike will be delighted to see a charming lemonade catering at your Scottsdale event. Each stand serves out our delicious lemonades so you can focus on your other hosting duties. Book this service today and see how your Scottsdale event can be turned up to the next level.

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