AZ Lemonade Stand

Ask your children what their favorite part of school is, and you will probably get the usual answers of “recess,” “lunch,” or any other time that does not actively involve learning. We’re sure the kids love to learn, but one part of school that always stands out for the children is the social engagement. Kids love to play and be around one another, and there is no better way to do that than with a school party. You probably know of high school party events such as prom and homecoming, but classrooms can have a party for any occasion. Let our lemonade stand for a school party be the life of party. 

Lemonade Stand for a School Party

Anytime we choose something to eat or drink, we probably want to have something fresh. We make sure all of our lemonades are served fresh and use only real ingredients that you can pronounce. Lemonade is a timeless drink that has been around for generations. The combination of sugar, squeezed lemons, and water will always stand the test of time. No one wants to have just water at their school party so make sure to be the class hero and have our lemonade stand come out to host.  

Our Lemonade Stands Rock 

Your students will find that having a real-life lemonade stand at their school party to be the coolest thing. Everyone tells kids to make a lemonade stand to make a few bucks. But our lemonade stands are a charming addition to any party. One of our staff members will be on hand to serve up delicious ice-cold lemonade to everyone on hand. Now that is some fun party drinks! 

All the Flavors to Pick Out 

When you choose AZ Lemonade Stand for your school party, you will have access to 15 different flavors of lemonade. The Original Lemonade is the classic recipe served up by our team. The Prickly Pear is a unique lemonade perfect for Arizona that uses real cactus fruit. Watermelon is always a delight and thirst quenching. Each of our flavors are just as tasty as the last so try them all! 

Lemonade Stand for a School Party

Your next school party will be the one kids will remember for years when you have our lemonade stand hosting your drinks. Go ahead and be everyone’s favorite staff member when you plan for the best school party yet.