AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

Finding a delicious and refreshing beverage is as easy as grabbing a glass of ice-cold lemonade. This beverage has been around for generations and continues to be a favorite among children and adults. While we focus on the delicious flavors of lemonade, we often forget about the important and healthy ingredients that are often included. Luckily, the lemonades at AZ Lemonade Stand feature some drinks with superfood ingredients. Take a look at some of those special lemonades on the menu: 

Our Lemonades with Superfood Ingredients

To start, our lemonade drinks at AZ Lemonade Stand are always fresh and made from the heart. We take the classic recipe of water, sugar, and freshly squeezed lemons for this special treat. We also make sure that each of the ingredients used in the classic recipe or any of our fruit lemonades is always fresh to provide the best flavor. Having fresh ingredients will make sure you can taste the difference but that is not the only improvement. Using real fruit in our lemonade helps to maintain the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Lemons and other citrus fruits are high in vitamin C that is important for your body’s natural healing process along with forming blood vessels and collagen.  

Prickly Pear 

One of our fan favorite lemonades, the Prickly Pear, is high in daily nutrients that your body will love. You can enjoy this beverage while knowing that your body is taking in essential nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. Prickly pear is often used to help treat high cholesterol too.  


Another great flavor that is high in superfood ingredients is our mango. This tropical lemonade is sure to put a smile on your face and not just for the incredible taste it has. Our mango lemonade will have you whisked off to a tropical island as soon as it hits your taste buds. Mango is known for having a variety of superfood ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, beta-carotene, potassium, and much more; in fact, mango has way more vitamin A than a banana does!  

More Fun with a Lemonade Stand 

You can feel good about the beverages you are drinking when you choose one of our lemonades with superfood ingredients such as mango and prickly pear. Get ready for your next special event by having one of our lemonade stands on hand to serve up these delicious beverages.  

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