AZ Lemonade Stand


Sangria and AZ Lemonade

Sipping sangria on a sunny day: the stuff of Arizona dreams. Combine our signature Original AZ Lemonade with a bottle of your favorite white wine and flavored rum, throw in tasty fruit, and you’ll be singing zesty sangria tunes in no time. No special cocktail equipment is required. Best served over ice, this boozy drink is perfectly refreshing, totally thirst-quenching, and instantly party-starting. Crafted with only the finest ingredients in Arizona, our Sangria lemonades can be found throughout the Valley, including at several Fry’s marketplaces. While you’re picking up groceries for your next picnic, potluck, or poolside party, why not pick up some AZ Lemonade Stand while you’re at it? You can also find us in Luci’s Marketplace, Luci’s at the Grove, and Luci’s at the Orchard — or simply purchase our mason jars online!