AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

It wouldn’t be Arizona without you grabbing a cocktail that uses tequila created by our neighbors south of the border, making it a great choice for themed drinks for parties. Tequila is perhaps one of Arizona’s most popular spirits as it can be used in so many cocktails than just margaritas. Perhaps one of the easiest and most thirst-quenching beverages is a Tequila Lemonade. This easy to create beverage will have you enjoying the heat as you stay cool with this refreshing drink. 

Add in Some Mango Themed Drinks for Parties

A traditional Tequila Lemonade is a simple collection of tequila, fresh mint, and lemonade poured over ice. Many individuals will want to use homemade lemonade as it offers a fresh and sweet flavor to the drink. Fortunately for you all of our lemonades are made by hand and are the perfect mixer for your tequila. Try using our mango lemonade for a tropical spin on a Tequila Lemonade. Mango is a rich and sweet fruit that undercuts the alcohol easily in tequila. Garnish your glass with the mint and a slice of mango; make sure to rub the mint before placing it in your glass so the aroma comes out strong. Tequila and mango are the perfect combination! 

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