Have AZ Lemonade Stand Cater Your 2023 Event!

It’s no secret that a well-catered event is remembered for a long time after the event itself has ended. Some might even go as far as to say that it’s the catering that makes the event! Whether it’s something unique or a tried and true classic, your choice for catering your event means everything to the attendees, whether it’s a corporate party for hitting your latest sales goals or an intimate party with friends for a milestone birthday.

There are so many choices for catering your food, but have you ever thought of catering your 2023 Arizona event with a selection of handcrafted beverages? No matter what you’re serving food-wise, lemonade goes with everything—and here at AZ Lemonade Stand, we truly offer some of the best beverages in the Arizona catering business. Don’t think twice about having AZ Lemonade stand cater your 2023 event!

Fabulous Flavors of Lemonade for Every Event

When you think of lemonade, you might picture your classic yellow variety, or maybe the swirling pink hues of strawberry lemonade—but we’re here to tell you that we have a world of exciting lemonade flavors waiting to be discovered! You don’t have to be an adventurous spirit to fall in love with our lemonade flavors, but we’re pleased to say that we have a collection of around 15 flavors that will appeal to lovers of classics as well as those with taste buds always craving something new. With so many flavors, it becomes easy to make all your event invitees happy!

Whether you’re hosting an office luncheon or a nonprofit gala, AZ Lemonade Stand has a catering option to fit your event! When we cater your 2023 event in Arizona, our brand ambassadors arrive at your event to serve up our tasty lemonade, with full service. The catering price includes a fee for our brand ambassador’s travel, and after that, you pay for each 32 oz lemonade after that. It can be however many you need after our minimum fee of $350. Our lemonade comes in a trendy mason jar, adding a trendy look to our amazing beverages!

When it comes to our lemonade flavors, you’ll find the widest variety of lemonade flavors in Arizona! There’s no doubt you’ll find the traditional Original Lemon and Strawberry on our menu, as the classics always come first—but after that expect anything but ordinary. Order some Prickly Pear Lemonade for a unique beverage with a desert flair, or try the Watermelon Lemonade for a refreshing spin on the original.

The flavors don’t end there though! Whisk your event guests off to the tropics with our lemonade flavors of Mango, Pineapple, Guava, or Passionfruit. Or sample the collection of berry lemonades with Blueberry, Peach, Blackberry, and Raspberry. And we’re not stopping there! The rest of our flavor lineup includes Kiwi, Peach, Horchata, Jamaica, and Blood Orange. Perfect for themed events, our lemonade can set the tone for your entire party!

Arizona’s Best Handcrafted Beverage Catering

Our company was founded by the culinary geniuses behind valley institutions such as Aioli Burger, a gourmet burger restaurant with extensive expertise in catering Arizona events. We know high-quality food and beverages, and our lemonade is crafted with a commitment to that level of quality with every sip. Beyond the superior standards, we hold our lemonade too, we also offer excellent customer service and ease of booking our Arizona catering services for your 2023 event. We’re willing to work with you to make your 2023 event flawless!

Use as a High-Quality Mixer at Your Celebratory Event

Another huge plus about our lemonade is that it can easily be used as a mixer if your event is catered to a 21+ crowd! Maybe it’s someone’s birthday and everyone has gathered to celebrate around the pool in the backyard, or perhaps you’re hosting an end-of-the-year party for your team at work. Whatever the occasion, if you are including alcohol at your event, our lemonade works excellently as a mixer. In fact, our lemonade is such a good mixer that we’ve even come up with our own cocktail recipes on our website that you can peruse for inspiration for your 2023 event in the Valley of the Sun. With a beverage this versatile at your event, it’s sure to be a massive success!

Only the Best Arizona Catering for Your 2023 Event!

We’re proud to offer some of the best Arizona catering in the valley, serving up our delectable lemonade at events all over town. Whatever you’re planning for your 2023 event, our friendly team is willing to work closely with you to ensure that the beverage catering goes off without a hitch. If you’d like to learn more about having AZ Lemonade Stand cater your 2023 event, give us a call or chat with us today!