AZ Lemonade Stand

AZ Lemonade Stand

There are a variety of different reasons to hold a graduation party. Your young child may have just graduated from kindergarten and is now ready to continue on with elementary school. Or a college student has finally finished their educational career and will enter the workforce. Graduation ceremonies can come in all sizes and shapes, but there is one in common: They all need help keeping guests refreshed with some tasty beverages. There is nothing better than a lemonade stand for a graduation party! Having our delicious lemonade will make your event one to remember. Take a look at why our lemonade stand for a graduation party is the best:

Lemonade Stand for a Graduation Party

When it comes to any beverage, we will always prefer a drink that uses real ingredients. At AZ Lemonade Stand, we offer our lemonades that are made in small batches and only use real ingredients. You will not find long names of preservatives but instead real ingredients you can say. Our lemonade is sure to help keep your guests cool especially during the summer heat. What makes our lemonade so special is how many flavors it can come in. We offer up to 15 different flavors each one just as tasty as the last. You cannot go wrong with choosing our Original Lemon that offers real sour and sweet flavors. Our Watermelon uses real fruit for a thirst-quenching taste. Mango offers a tropical twist that will remind you of the beach. Prickly Pear is a classic Arizona fruit that uses real cactus fruit for each batch. Just let our team know what flavors you will want at your graduation party. We are always coming up with new flavors so feel free to ask! 

How to Enjoy Your Lemonade 

Lemonade is a drink that can be used in a variety of ways. For any child graduation party, you will want to make sure the kids get to enjoy this delightful beverage. The adults can enjoy it too especially if they mix it with their favorite spirit. Enjoy a classic drink such as a London Lemonade or make up your own recipe. Creativity knows no bounds! 

Book Graduation Party Catering in Phoenix Today 

As you can see having a real lemonade stand at your event will make all of the difference. Contact our team today and see how a lemonade stand will put a smile on everyone’s faces.  

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