The Perfect 4th of July Lemonade

The year-round warm desert climate of Phoenix turns up the heat in the summer months. Temperatures can quickly soar into the triple-digits, making outdoor activities limited, and refreshments are a must. Whether you’re visiting from out of town or a local celebrating the holiday, you’re bound to enjoy a tall, cold glass of the 4th of July lemonade. Add in some patriotic fun this 4th of July, and you have the perfect recipe for watching an unforgettable fireworks display. We make our gourmet 4th of July lemonade in the cool shade of Camelback Mountain in metro Phoenix. Stop by and taste one of over 15 flavors or seek it out at a local grocery store to take back to enjoy with friends and family. All of our flavors are served in a mason jar, bringing back memories of past 4th of July frivolity where a refreshing sip was taken from any glass on hand.

The Original 4th of July Lemonade

Before we had so many delicious flavors to pair with 4th of July fireworks fun, we made the original. We started with the 4th of July lemonade everyone knows and loves, then after a lot of trial and error, the perfect balance of sweet and sour for a flavor no big-name brand can offer was made. The pale-yellow color tells you what’s inside is perfect in every way – and just right for your fireworks on the 4th. Served in a mason jar, you’ll enjoy every cool, refreshing, original-taste drop.


Transport yourself to long-past summers of picking strawberries. If you’re looking to add the sweet and tangy taste to your glass of the perfect 4th of July lemonade, we have just the thing. The added kick of strawberry will have everyone reaching for the jar to pair with the 4th of July fireworks. Bright red in color, you can be sure it’s packed full of strawberry flavor that doesn’t end.

Prickly Pear

As an Arizona company, we knew we needed to make sure to spotlight Arizona flavors. Picked from the cactus with the same name, prickly pears are so unique there’s no one similar flavor to describe them. Some people taste pineapple with hints of raspberry or strawberry, and others taste the flavors of classic bubble gum and watermelon. The light pink color reflects the perfect blending of Original with the vibrant pink color of the prickly pear. You can decide for yourself when you sample this unique flavor that blends Arizona and lemonade in the same jar. No matter what your taste buds think, you’ll take in the rich taste and delicate aroma the unique fruit is known for. Make it a part of your 5th of July cookout, or fireworks-watching party.


Build another bridge to summers past this 4th of July. Picnic lunches included homemade sandwiches, potato chips, watermelon, and maybe even some lemonade! Remember biting into a big slice of juicy watermelon, then munching all the way down to the rind to savor every bit of flavor. You probably didn’t take a big drink of lemonade right after, especially if you think watermelon and lemonade don’t exactly mix – but you’d be wrong. We started with our Original lemonade, then found the best way to blend both flavors into one that brings the summer fruits together in one jar. Just a shade or two darker than Prickly Pear, it stands out and reflects the rich flavor and dark red of fresh watermelon. Our Original lemonade is given the flavor of fresh, juicy watermelon for a combo to quench any thirst. Don’t worry – there aren’t any watermelon seeds to get in the way of these refreshing flavors.


Take a visit to the tropics without leaving the desert climate of Phoenix this 4th of July. Slice into a mango and find the dark yellow color of our Mango flavor. Pair the flavor with other tropical bites, or the delicious flavors of bar-b-que. Starting with Original lemonade as always, we explored the tropical flavor of the colorful fruit and found the perfect mix of Original lemonade’s sweet and sour, along with the addition of the tropical juices of mango for a unique blend that tickles the taste buds.

Upcoming Flavors

We always start with our Original lemonade, then pack in a new taste that’s not to be missed. Keep your eyes peeled for newcomers like blackberry, blueberry, kiwi, passion fruit, raspberry, and others.

Delicious Refreshment in Arizona

After spending time in the heat and sun on adventures like golf, shopping, and water parks, and even warm temps during a 4th of July fireworks display, grab a refreshing lemonade. Visit our main location in Phoenix or seek out your favorite flavors at all Aioli Gourmet Burgers locations. Stop in at select nearby grocery stores to take and enjoy at home. There are currently 15 flavors to choose from. Each jar comes with a resealable lid so you can enjoy fresh lemonade a few sips at a time or all at once.