Best Flavors for a Lemonade Detox

Our bodies go through a lot, especially around the holidays, when we indulge ourselves in tasty and festive food and drinks. Occasionally, you could use a detox to help flush out your body and cleanse important organs such as your liver. Detoxing and many other dieting options can be difficult to do, especially if you do not routinely do it. Going through a detox on hot water and lemon can be difficult on its own, so why not make it a little more fun with AZ Lemonade Stand. We offer our delicious lemonade that is made with only real ingredients. Take a look at our best flavors for a lemonade detox: 

Best Flavors for a Lemonade Detox

Most detoxes typically involve drinking hot water, fresh lemon, and maybe some honey for a little sweetness. This will help cleanse your liver which is especially important during times of year where you may consume more alcohol. Our liver is very important for daily activities, so a cleanse is always a great idea. If you are new to detoxes drinking this mixture can be difficult. Luckily adding citrus fruits to drinks can have an added benefit. This is where our delicious lemonade can come handy as we offer handmade lemonade. Each glass of our lemonade is made with only fresh water, fresh squeezed lemons, and sugar for a delightful drink. We also offer a variety of flavors to make your lemonade even more delicious especially for a detox. 

Original Lemonade 

Of course, you cannot go wrong with our Original Lemonade that started it all. This classic recipe will never go old and keeps the foundational three ingredients together. Add some extra lemon to your lemonade for even more citrus benefits for your detox. 


Each of our flavors uses only fresh ingredients such as fruit. This is the same for our Strawberry lemonade that uses real strawberries to add a sweet tart flavor. Strawberries have plenty of antioxidants and nutrients that goes perfectly with your detox. 

More to Choose From 

We offer up to 15 different flavors for our lemonade so you will always have plenty of choices when planning for a detox. Don’t forget to book one of our lemonade stands today for your next special event. Handmade lemonade can go well with any event on its own or mixed for a cocktail. Let AZ Lemonade Stand help you with our delicious drinks!