Lemonade Goes Great with Every Holiday, Even Christmas!

It’s no secret that Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. Between holiday parties, hunting for the perfect gift in crowded stores, and preparing to make your own Christmas dinner, things can get stressful to say the least—but it’s all worth it once you get to sit back and enjoy the hard work that made Christmas come together. It’s then time to treat yourself, and what better way than catering your Christmas event with AZ Lemonade Stand? We offer a variety of services for the holiday season, so whether it’s a small gathering with friends or an office Christmas party, there’s a way for you to enjoy our delicious homemade Christmas lemonade!

Enjoy a Vibrant Variety of Lemonade Flavors

One of the best things about our amazing homemade lemonade is our wide array of flavors. From your classic flavors like Original Lemon to unique creations like Prickly Pear Lemonade, we have something for everyone. Whether you have a sweet tooth or like something a little more sour leaning, you’ll find something to fit your tastes in our lemonade menu. Our Strawberry Lemonade offers the perfect balance of tart and sweet, while our Mango Lemonade gives the beverage a bit of a tropical twist. Our Watermelon Lemonade is ideal for those who want a taste of summer while celebrating the Christmas season. We also offer Kiwi, Black Berry, Passion Fruit, Guava, Pineapple, Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach, Blood Orange, Jamaica, and Horchata. With so many flavors, our lemonade is bound to be a hit!

Cater Your Holiday Event with AZ Lemonade Stand

Usually in catering the beverages are an afterthought, but not when you book AZ Lemonade Stand for your Christmas bash! We can set up our lemonade stand at your Christmas party, whether it’s a casual backyard celebration or a festive corporate bash. One of our brand ambassadors will come to you and serve up your guests our delicious lemonade, with full-service! You just pay a travel fee for the brand ambassador and then per 32 oz mason jar of lemonade, with a minimum spend of $350. It’s a terrific way to add a little flavor to your Christmas event, one that everyone will remember!

Get Creative with AZ Lemonade Stand

If you’re having a party with cocktails, our Christmas lemonade makes the perfect addition to any spirits! Vodka, tequila, and gin all go excellent with our lemonade, and if you’re willing to get creative, there’s an endless combination of cocktails you can make. Liven up your party with margaritas and a splash of our prickly pear lemonade or mix your choice of spirit directly and garnish it with a flavorful fruit. We have several of our own recipes listed on our website, but some favorites include Sangria and AZ Lemonade, Basil Elderflower Gin Lemonade, and Moscato Strawberry Lemonade. On the other side of the coin, our lemonade offers a diverse selection of unique non-alcoholic beverages for people to choose from. Perfect as a Christmas present, or at your company event, our lemonade is sure to bring any celebration to life!

Bring Home the Gift of Lemonade This Christmas

Even if you’re not hosting a Christmas event, never fear—you can still order our lemonade for your Christmas dinner or gathering! If you’re hosting a big family party, it gives the kids a fun selection of beverages, and the adults can either enjoy it as is or mix it up in a cocktail. We offer you either pickup or delivery, making it effortless to plan ahead of time to have everything ready for your Christmas celebration. Even better, you can order all of our flavors online, bottles in a 32 oz mason jar. It’s a memorable beverage any time of the year but can make your Christmas dinner unforgettable!

Enjoy Your Own Christmas Gift with Our Jar Return Program

We’re proud to offer a jar return program, with incentives to return the jars once your Christmas event is over. In a world of quickly made plastics and overproduction of unrecyclable products, glass is 100% recyclable and can be sanitized for additional use. If you bring back seven empty jars, you’ll get a free jar on us! It’s the perfect after Christmas gift for yourself once you return the bottles from your holiday gathering. We have a variety of locations throughout the valley where you can return your jars, making it easy for you to keep glass out of landfills!

Contact Us to Order Your Christmas Lemonade Today!

Whether you’re looking for our full-service catering for your Christmas event or just looking to purchase a personal amount for your Christmas gathering, we’re here to make sure your holiday is absolutely flawless. Check out our online ordering for pick up or delivery and contact us today to learn more about our catering service!